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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming soon…PROVEN...QUALITY...Racers & Breeders from Bill Sheridan’s PONDVIEW LOFTS. By now, most of the Up North Combine membership has noticed that Bill has not made the 2009 race results. Due to illness he has not been able to participate in this year’s race schedule. As in the past, Bill will aggressively go through a selection process. However, he will have to drastically reduce the breeding & flying lofts. CHOICE PIGEON will offer 40 – 50 selected PONDVIEW birds for auction this fall.

Breeding Stock

Bill has cultivated three main families. His Jac Jongkind Dutch family still continues to perform at the distance. His fine collection of BANDIT’S perform well at the short & middle distance, and the Elzinga / Schaerlaekens imports through Fred & John Weening perform well throughout the race program. Doug Rufenach’s Champion breeder, White Tail is also sprinkled throughout the loft. Bill annually adds Specials to his breeding loft including Game Cock, Green Eye Cock, Icon, Iron Lady, Mr. Chestnut, Hustler, Pride, Mystique, 969 Spaniards, Ludwinski’s #700 Van Loon Janssen, Mike Van Der Jagt’s Captain Kirk & 406, Ron Hastie’s National Winner, and Invincible Montauban blood lines.

Loft History & Results

Bill flew in the Stouffville / Cannington club, Lake Simcoe Combine from 1978 to 1995, and the Borden Club, Up North Combine from 1996 to 2008. He has always flown on the Natural System, and specialized in Old Bird racing, which makes the following results miraculous.

There were 512 top 50 combine positions from 2001 – 2008 with a five bird clocking limit including; 13 times first, 13 times second, 10 times third, 7 times forth, and 14 times fifth.

Bill has also been a strong Open and National competitor. National wins include;

- 2001 Smooth Rock Falls, 225 Lofts, 2836 Birds, 63rd, 133rd, 226th, 240th
- 2002 Smooth Rock Falls, 219 Lofts, 3255 Birds, 6th, 39th, 40th, 41st, 65th, 121st, 126th
- 2003 Smooth Rock Falls, 228 Lofts, 2921 Birds, 1st, 24th, 61st, 65th, 68th, 83rd, 147th, 148th, 211th,
- 2004 Smooth Rock Falls, 191 Lofts, 2559 Birds, 106th, 108th, 170th, 180th, 241st
- 2005 Smooth Rock Falls, 189 Lofts, 2259 Birds, 4th, 7th, 20th, 54th, 77th, 163rd, 181st, 184th, 197th, 203rd
- 2006 Smooth Rock Falls, 250 Lofts, 3668 Birds, 7th, 83rd
- 2007 Smooth Rock Falls, 277 Lofts, 3762 Birds, 220th
- 2008 Fraserdale, 208 Lofts, 2673 Birds, 12th, 34th, 114th, 126th

Prior to flying with the UNC, Bill was very successful in the Lake Simcoe Combine, and his birds have performed well for numerous flyers that purchased or were given stock in the past. See for yourself and check out the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union year books. The results are there in black & white for all to see. Don’t miss out on these Quality Birds!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pondview Lofts' Historical Auction Flyers

These Auction flyers and notes dated from 1990 to 2005 certainly show the success Bill Sheridan has had with his family of birds.