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Pondview Loft's Foundation DUTCH FAMILY

Bill Sheridan through indirect hands (Karl Winterstein and Albert Fintelman) was able to secure Frank Bolton's CU 1981 STO 1877 Blue Bar cock, two sisters, CU 78 08404, and his Sire & Dam; CU-74-10644 Blue Chq Wft Cock, and CU 75 STO 10914 Blue Bar hen. These birds were all down from the Jac Jongkind, Aalsmeer Holland family which Frank went to a few times. In 1981 Bill brought in an additional ten eggs directly from Jac Jongkind, and successfully hatched and raised all ten of these eggs. Jac flew against 110 lofts, and at the age of 75 years won 1st Barcelona in 1979 and again in 1980. Jac Jongkind put these two Barcelona winners together in 1981, and Bill was lucky enough to get a set of eggs directly off these champions. Bill's DUTCH FAMILY was in place, and the Violet eyed "One-Eight-Seven-Seven" proved to be the foundation Sire. These original birds all sported outstanding eyes, and proved to breed Combine Winners, and Breeders of Combine Winners!

Besides "1877", the following original Jongkind birds consistently show-up in today's pedigrees;

CU 81 STO 178 Dark Chq Cock (Directly off Barcelona Winners)
CU 81 STO 179 Dark Chq Hen (Full sister to 178)
CU 81 STO 180 Pied Blue Bar Wft Hen
CU 81 STO 181 Blue Bar Wft Hen (Full sister to 180)
CU 81 STO 190 Blue Chq Hen
CU 81 11310 Blue Bar Hen

Early on, Bill blended a couple of birds with his Dutch Family. These were CU 74 STO 490 Red Chq Cock, from Charlie Jackson's Heitzman Sion family, and UK 78 TCC 50546 Blue Chq Wft Cock, a Hansein, Grand Son of Jos Shore, Creive, Westholme Mick, 3rd Nantes and Car Winner & 1800 pounds cash, over 11,000 birds entered. Both these birds nicked with the Jongkind birds, and produced many Combine Winners.

Bill's Jongkind family fly well for others too, including Volker Vahle's CHAMPION Breeder "Sheridan Cock" CU 88 STO 326 Blue Bar, directly from 1877. Jongkind's are Hard day performers that like it on the nose, and can still produce 1,300 mpm. Bill's Dutch Family almost made up 75% of his loft up until he lost many of his breeder's in 2002. Review the Historical Auction Flyers reproducer on this blog page on October 14, 2009.